Early morning transfer and Box Alarm

Feb 14, 2016 – @ 0614hrs Eng 7-1 w/3 transferred to Co.1 Headquarters station while they operated on a House Fire in Co.3’s area.

@0731hrs while Eng 7-1 was still at Co.1, box 1-01 was struck for an Inside Investigation odor of Gas at 203 W King Street. Eng 7-1 arrived with a odor from the exterior and began investigating along with Truck 1 . Shortly after arriving Franklin advised that they received a second call at 167 W King for the same odor. Eng 15-2 was just arriving on-scene and was redirected to 167. Shortly after Eng 15-2 began investigating they located a fire on the exterior of the residence running the wall. Eng 7-1 and Truck 1 relocated themselves to 167 W King Street and assisted with knocking the fire and overhaul. Boro Service Center handled the Gas odor. Command 1 placed the box in service at 0757hrs. Eng 7-1 returned to Co.1 for a short while longer. No more incidents were handled.