Donations Needed!

In just 7 days we will be hosting our annual Fireman’s Carnival. Anyone interested in donating  CAKES for our cake wheel game please feel free to bring cakes directly to the firehouse and drop them off with someone here at the station. We will be accepting cakes from now until the end of the carnival. Any cake will be accepted. Please be sure to have them in a disposable container! We are not responsible for your personal containers.

Fatal House Fire

April 15, 2018- @2342hrs box 7-5 was struck for a working Mobile Home Fire. Chief 7 arrived with a fully involved mobile home and occupants unaccounted for. Eng 7-1 arrived and put a line in service and began fire attack. As other units arrived they were assigned to assist with fire attack and other tasks. As a result of this fire 1 occupant was killed.  Thoughts and prayers to the families involved.

Sad day for The Ville

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that due to multiple medical problems and doctor recommendation that our Firehouse Dog, Haligan, has been laid to rest as of Feburary 23, 2018(today). Haligan was born on May 7, 2005 and was donated to us from the Pet Store in July the same year as a puppy and has been with us ever since. While Haligan never road on to many calls he attended almost all of our public education events making a difference in a lot of young children’s days. Haligan will be forever remembered in our hearts. Rest easy buddy!

First Due Box & MVA w/Confinement

Feb 18, 2018 @1342hrs Co.7 was dispatched for a reported house fire on Fifth Ave, Box 7-1. Eng 7-2 arrived to find a single story dwelling with light smoke showing. After further investigation it was determined to be a stove fire that had already been extinguished by homeowners with a fire extinguisher and the assignment was downgraded. This call was originally received at the 911 center as a fire alarm but the homeowner was home and was able to call 911 herself to advise of an actual fire. Company 7 was clear within 45mins.

@1655hrs Squad 7 and Eng 7-2 w/9 responded to Rocky Mountain Road North & Perry Drive for a MVA w/rollover & entrapment. Co.7 units arrived to find a single vehicle overturned with 1 occupant confined. The vehicle was stabilized and crews folder the roof down to free the pt which was then turned over to ems.

2 Working Fires & MVA into Structure

@1203hrs Franklin County began receiving calls for a large column of smoke in the area of Lowes on Lincoln Way East. Just prior to dispatching the Outside Investigation assignment they began receiving calls for a working house fire and sent the Assignment bringing Eng 7-2 w/5 and Eng 7-1 w/4. Chief 46 arrived shortly after with heavy fire from the alpha side. Eng  7-2  and Eng 43 arrived and laid a supply line and put 2 lines in service. A quick knock down of the outside porch area was done and then 7-2 & 43 crews made a push interior encountering heavy fire on division 1 throughout, a room well off on the 2nd floor, a room off in the basement, and fire running the void spaces of the roof. Eng 7-1 arrived and established a water supply and sent there crew up to assist with operations. Crews operated for approx 4-5 hours before being released by command 44. Great Job by all! Also thanks to Sta4 for the refreshments onscene and Bendersville Fire Dept for covering the Station. Also while in the final stages of this fire the 2nd Alarm was struck for Adams Box 1-3 bringing Squad 7 w/5. Crews arrived and assisted with opening up and hitting hotspots. Lastly after all units returned to the station and had just finished cleaning up Squad 7 w/4 responded to box 27-1 for a MVA into a house. Co.27 arrived to find a single vehicle airborne into a house and negative entrapment. Squad 7 was cancelled enroute.

Back to Back Box Alarms

Dec 29,2017 – @1545hrs Squad 7 and Engine 7-2 responded to box 5-06 for a reported working outbuilding fire. Enroute Co.5 arrived onscene to find a camper fire and reduced the assignment. Engine 7-2 would handle a transfer to Co.5 while they were on the camper fire. While standing by box 5-01 was struck for a reported mobile home fire bring the transfer engine and Engine 7-1. DC7 and Engine 7-2 arrived to find a single wide with heavy smoke showing from the alpha side and fire showing from the rear. 7-2 crew put a a line and service and knocked the fire. Company 7 would remain onscene for approx 2 hours for overhaul. The home and all personal belonging were a complete loss. Co.7 is currently accepting donations for the family (2 elderly adults) to help them get back on there feet. We will be accepting any household items or monetary donations. An account has been established for the family!

Labor Day Entrapment

Sept 4, 2017 @ 1214hrs Co.7 was dispatched to the intersection of LWE and Rocky Mountain Road for a MVA w/ Entrapment. Squad 7, Eng 7-1, Eng 7-2, DC7, and C7 made the response with a total of 13 personnel. Continue reading