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Auto into a House w/ Dual Entrapment and Fire

On July 20, 2016 @ 1653hrs Squad 7 w/6, and Engine 5-2 w/4 (Transfer for Carnival) responded to 1 N Main St in Mont Alto for a MVA into a house. Enroute advised by county they were now receiving calls of dual entrapment and fire in the vehicle. The assignment was quickly upgraded by Chief 5. Chief 5 arrived on scene and confirmed conditions along with a class 4 patient. Squad 7 arrived extricated 1 patient who was flown by air medical and assisted with controlling the fire in the vehicle. Squad 7 remained on scene for 4 hours performing overhaul, building stabilization and the extrication of the second patient. Engine 7-2  also responded as part of the upgraded assignment.

18 Runs in 1 Week

Through the week of June 2-8 The Ville has handled 18 runs. Starting on June 2nd Ville handled 4 runs consisting of 2 MVA’s,1 AFA, and a Vehicle fire. On June 3 The Ville responded to 2 House Fires (1 Working Fire), 3 Transfers, and a MVA. June 4 brought a quite day with 0 runs however on the 5th we were right back at with 4 more runs. The Ville took in an early morning Inside Investigation a Providence Places, 1 Medical, 1 Wires/Tree, and a Reported House Fire in the first due which was deemed good intent. And lastly over the last 2 days The VIlle took in 2 more Medicals, 1 MVA, and 1 LZ.

8 Runs for Tuesday

On Tuesday, May 31 The Ville handled 8 calls. The Ville handled 3 Box alarms, 1 MVA, 1 Brush Fire, and 3 Medicals. Throughout the day The Ville had a staffing of up to 14 personnel running calls all at once. Pics above of from House Fire in 18-4 box.

Another Fire in The Valley!

May 21, 2016 @ 1517hrs Adams box 27-5 was struck for a reported House Fire on Bottom Road. Co.27 arrived and found a 2 story dwelling with smoke showing from the Delta side by the chimney, Eng 7-1 w/4 (5th Due) was out the door before dispatch and took 3rd arriving and was assigned to roof division. Eng 7-1 crew threw two ladders to gain access to the roof and worked for 30 mins opening up and containing the fire which ran up the wall next to the chimney and into the attic. Eng 7-2 w/4 also responded on the call. Units assisted with an extensive overhaul before being released by command 27.


April 21 – May 18

We are sorry for not keeping everyone up to date as well as we’d like to have over the past few weeks but were going to try and get back in the habit of it! But with that said here is a small glimpses of what The Ville has handled. The Ville handled 5 Box alarms,21 Locals, 13 MVA’s, and 2 Brush/Mountain Fires. Also in this short time weve had 5 members complete the MOD’s Program giving us 3 more Interior Firefighters.

April 8-21

Over the past 2 weeks the Ville has stayed steady with 23 calls. The Ville handled 5 Box Alarms, 6 MVA’s (1 with Dual Entrapment), 6 Locals, 4 Brush Fires, and 4 Medicals.

Catching Up!


In just under 2 weeks the Ville has tallied up a variety of 30 calls. The Ville handled 7 Box Alarms (2 being first due),11 Locals, 5 MVA’s, and 7 Medicals.  Read the rest of this entry »

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