April 10th – Company 7 was alerted for the 6400 block of Lincoln Way East shortly before 3 PM.  Initially the call was for a brush fire with no known exposures, but due to the high winds this changed everything.  While responding crews could see a column of dark black smoke in that area and figured they had more than a brush fire. Engine 7-2 arrived and found a 20 by 40 outbuilding fully involved with two other exposure issues.  A/C 7 (fire attack) and Sgt 7 quickly deployed a line on the building.  Deputy Chief 7 (command) upgraded the box and asked for the working fire dispatch.  Within 15 minutes the fire was under control and no other exposures were at risk.  Command down graded the box and held it with Company 7, Company 5, Squad 41, and Adams ET 27.  Crews cleared a little over an hour.