5 Box Alarms, 7 Locals, 3 Medicals


Feb 3, 2016 – @1305hrs Squad 7 responded to 7798 LWE for flooding. Squad 7 and DC 7 arrived and found about 1-2 inches of water in a commercial structure. Half of the crew worked with squeegees and mops to try and get most of the water out while the other worked on the outside to try and remove snow from around the building. Squad 7 cleared in an hour.

Feb 4, 2016 – @1616hrs Squad 7 w/ 5 responded to 232 N Main Street box 1-01 for a appliance fire in a house. Squad 7 was cancelled enroute.

@2153hrs Eng 7-1 assisted EMS with a possible cardiac arrest.

Feb 5, 2016 – Squad 7 w/7 responded to 127 Warmspring Road for an Inside Investigation of Gas. Command 44 placed the box in service prior to arrival.

Feb 6, 2016 – @1218hrs Micu 7-8 was dispatched for a Class 1 injured person. Enroute the Micu was advised that a male subject had to be ran over by a car and unknown status of the patient. Micu 7-8 quickly upgraded the assignment to a pedestrian accident bring Eng 7-1 w/ 3 and Squad 7 w/ 5. Crews arrived and found a male that had been ran over by his own vehicle up walking around. Eng 7-1 and Squad 7 assisted where need and went in service.

@1239hrs just as Eng 7-1 was backing in to the station Micu 7-8 requested air medical for the previous incident which sent Eng 7-1 to the rear of the station for a LZ.

@1242hrs as Eng 7-1 was making its way down to the LZ the Squad was dispatched for a dumpster fire impinging of a building at 1121 LWE, box 1-01. Eng 7-1 dropped some members off and the Squad went enroute  with 7. Squad 7 arrived and staged before being released by command.

@1600hrs Squad 7 w/9 responded to the rear of 164 LWW box 1-01 for a House fire. Co.1 units were advised of 1 caller who was a passerby and reported smoke coming from a house. Co.1 units investigated and had the caller return to the scene. Crews found a small fire on the roof line of the residence that had went out on its own. Squad 7 arrived just as crews located the source and was assigned to staging in line of approach. While staging box 44-01 was struck @1613hrs for a MVA. Squad 7 requested to clear the scene and handled the MVA. The Request was acknowledge by Command 1 and Squad 7 w/9 responded along with Eng 43. Eng 43 found two vehicles in the parking lot of Dunkin Donuts and no Fire/EMS  services needed. Squad 7 went available just after arriving.

@1741hrs Eng 7-2 responded to Yorktowne Road to assist Co.7A with a bariatric.

@2123hrs Squad 7 w/7 responded to 3180 Church Road, Box 17-5 for a MVA w/Rollover and Possible entrapment. DC 7 arrived and found 1 vehicle overturned with 1 male inside not trapped. DC 7 broke the driver window with his personal tool and the patient self extricated. DC 7 advised Co.17 that the Squad may go in service. Squad 7 was cancelled just before arrival.

Jan 7, 2016 – Eng 7-1 w/5 transferred to Adams Co.4 while they operated on a House Fire in Fairfield. No other calls were handled.

@1937hrs Eng 7-1 assisted EMS with a class 1 Hemorrhage

@2253hrs  Squad 7 w/5 responded to 267 E King St, box 1-01 for a appliance fire in a house. Co.1 found a a stove fire that was out prior to arrival. Command held Co.1 only.

Feb 8, 2016 – @0549hrs Squad 7 w/5 responded to 610 Fifth Ave, box 1-01 for a Silo Fire. Co.1 found a small fire on the silo. Command held all units for a short time before placing the box in service.