Long weekend brings multiple runs and a Working Fire

15 Redwood Street


Jan 28, 2016 – @0840hrs Eng 7-2 w/4 responded to the area of 2071 Mount Pleasant Road for an Outside Investigation of smoke. Unit arrived in the area and found no smoke and placed the box in service.

Jan 29, 2016 – @0730hrs Squad 7 w/4 responded for RIT to box 1-01 for a report of an Electrical Fire in a Building at Texas Roadhouse. Co.1 arrived and secured the power and found the fire had been contained to the outlet and downgraded the box which released Squad 7.

@1653hrs Squad 7 w/3 and Eng 7-2 w/3 responded to the area of 185 Mount Pleasant Road for a MVA. The Micu arrived on scene first and found 1 vehicle off the road one, everyone out. Eng 7-2 arrived and held it to themselves till the arrival of PSP.

Jan 30, 2016 – @0412hrs Eng 7-2 w/4 and Squad 7 w/4 responded to I-81 NB MM19 for a MVA w/Rollover and Possible Fire in the 44-81-7 box. Enroute CCAMB73 was returning from a incident and came upon it and found 1 vehicle overturned, negative entrapment/fire. Command 44 held Sta 4 and EMS and returned the rest.

@1424hrs Squad 7 w/3, Eng 7-2 w/2, and Chief 7 responded to the Walmart parking lot for a reported Pedestrian Accident with 2 patients. The Micu arrived and found 2 elderly pt that had been hit by a vehicle and only 1 requesting transport. Chief 7 held all units to assist with packaging and crowd control.

Jan 31, 2016 – Squad w/5 responded to 15 Redwood Street, Box 1-01 for a Working House Fire. Squad 7-2 arrived and established RIT on side A. Eng 7-2 was also alert for a transfer to Co.1