2 First Due runs and a Transfer

Jan 19, 2016 –  @1013hrs the 7-5 box was struck for an MVA at the 6900blk of LWE. Eng 7-2 and Squad 41 responded due to Squad 7 being out of service. Eng 7-2 arrived and found 2 vehicles and 1 pt for transport. Eng 7-2 assisted the ambulance with pt packaging and the Squad was released just after arriving on scene.

@1154hrs Eng 7-2 w/6 & DC7 and Eng 7-1 w/1 responded to Mill Race Lane, 7-5 Box for an Inside Investigation Odor of Smoke. Eng 7-2 dropped a line at Mccrossen and E Main with 7-1 picking it up. Eng 7-2 arrived and found nothing evident for a single story home and began investigating with DC 7 establishing command. The box was soon downgraded to Co.7 only and deemed good intent.

@2321hrs Co.7 was alerted for a Transfer to Co. 5. Eng 7-2 handled it with 4 personnel. No other incidents were handled.