3 Runs on Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving Day 2016 – Starting off the afternoon at approximately 1246hrs the box 7-4 was struck for an Electrical Fire in House bringing Eng 7-1, Eng 7-2, DC7 with 8. Units were put in service within 45mins. Next at 1801hrs Squad 7 w/7 responded to Adams box 27-7 for a MVA on Chambersburg Road. While enroute Franklin alerted box 7-81-44 for a TT Overturned w/ Entrapment and Fire. Squad 7 w/7 cleared the previous MVA and went enroute to the 81 accident with a delayed response. Eng 7-1, Eng 7-2, Brush 7 and DC7 also made a response with an additional 7 personnel. Enroute county advised they were taking multiple calls for a TT overturned with Explosions and Fire, and also multiple other vehicles involved. DC7 and Duty 44 took first arriving to find conditions as dispatched but unsure of the number of vehicles involved, and advised they had a tanker truck well involved with fire and unknown material being hauled. DC 7 established Command 7 and as units arrived onscene they were given tasks to complete. The fire was contained in approximately 1 hour but all units remained on scene for several hours with the last unit clearing in 12 hours. The material was determined to be gasoline.  Multiple other units from Franklin, Cumberland, Washington and Dauphin County were requested to the scene as well to assist. Great Job by all! No other information will be given.