18 Runs in 1 Week

Through the week of June 2-8 The Ville has handled 18 runs. Starting on June 2nd Ville handled 4 runs consisting of 2 MVA’s,1 AFA, and a Vehicle fire. On June 3 The Ville responded to 2 House Fires (1 Working Fire), 3 Transfers, and a MVA. June 4 brought a quite day with 0 runs however on the 5th we were right back at with 4 more runs. The Ville took in an early morning Inside Investigation a Providence Places, 1 Medical, 1 Wires/Tree, and a Reported House Fire in the first due which was deemed good intent. And lastly over the last 2 days The VIlle took in 2 more Medicals, 1 MVA, and 1 LZ.