Triple Fly Out on LWE

Feb 22, 2016 – @1516hrs Squad 7 and Eng 7-1 w/6 responded to Interstate 81 MM19 for a MVA, box 44-81-7. Squad 41 arrived onscene with the accident at the 17 MM and found no injuries and placed the box in service.

@1610hrs Communications struck the 7-1 box for a MVA w/ possible people ejected at the 3300blk of LWE. Squad 7, Eng 7-1, Eng 7-2, Brush 7, Chief 7, DC 7, Micu 7-8, Micu 7-6, and Medic 7 made the response. Micu 7-8 arrived first and found 2 vehicles with people laying in the roadway. Micu 7-8 advised incoming units of a pedestrian accident that led to a vehicle accident. Chief 7 arrived and established Command 7 and requested 2 helicopters per Chief 7A(Medic7). Squad 7 crew arrived and assisted ems with pt packaging and debris removal and the Engines under the command of DC7 set up 2 LZ’s at the scene on LWE for the 3 helicopters. A total of 4 medics, 4 ambulances (5 were requested total), and 3 helicopters were utilized at the scene. West Shore EMS, and Mont Alto EMS assisted on this incident. Thank you to Co.11A for handling the ambulance transfer.

All Pictures from LWE accident.