4 runs to start off the week!

Jan 17, 2016
@ 2104hrs a call came into the station for a possible furnace malfunction at 185 Mount Pleasant Road. Eng 7-2 w/5 & FC responded and notified county to hold it to 7-2 only. Crews arrived on scene and investigated and deemed it to be good intent and placed the box in service.

Jan 18, 2016

@ 0535hrs Co.7 was alerted for a transfer to Adams Co. 27 due to them operating on a Barn Fire in Orrtanna. Eng 7-2 w/3 responded and returned just after 0700hrs. No calls were handled.

@ 0633hrs while the first Engine was still on thetransfer Eng 7-1 w/3  filled in as the engine replacement on the 44-01 box for a MVA at 1465 LWE. Eng 7-1 was cancelled enroute per Command 44.

@ 1327hrs while both Engines were at Dave’s Truck Repairs to get the tires filled for the winter with a staffing of 7 the 17 box was struck for a AFA at Martins Potato Rolls. Eng 7-2 w/3 marked up and advised Eng 17-2 that they would be responding due to being in the area. Eng 7-2 took second arriving just behind Eng 17-2 and staged at the hydrant until released by Command 17.