3 Local Runs for the day

Jan 15, 2016 – @1012hrs Eng 7-2 and Utility 7 responded w/3 to assist Amb 7-9 with a fall victim that upgraded to a Cardiac arrest in the 7-2 box.

@2201hrs Eng 7-2 w/4 responded to the area of 38 Dymond Ave for a Outside Investigation. Enroute units were advised of a outside fire that is getting out of control. Eng 7-2 arrived and found a large pile of debris, shingles, rubber materials and other items burning with no one around. Eng 7-2 extinguished the fire and notified the township of illegal burning. Eng 7-2 cleared with in the hour.

@ 2322hrs Eng 7-2 and Brush 7 w/6 along with Tanker 5 responded Non-Emergency to Dymond Ave again to assist Greene 1 in wetting down the same outside fire as before. Units were on scene for just over an hour before going in service.