Garbage Truck Fire on the “I”

March 1,2017 @1432hrs units were alerted for a Garbage Truck fire at the 23MM of I81 NB. Eng 7-1 and Eng 7-2 made the response along with Co.15 units. Enroute County advised of multiple calls reporting a Working Fire. Continue reading

2 Runs for Sunday

Feb 5, 2017 – To start off the morning at 0828hrs Squad 7 w/7 responded to fill in the RIT assignment of the 1-02 box for smoke in a building. Co.7 Units were placed in service shortly after arrival. Next while at the end of the public dinner Co.7 was alerted for a MVA at the Mall bringing Squad 7, Eng 7-2, & AC7 with 9. Crews arrived to find 1 auto off the road into a tree. Crews confirmed no hazards and assisted with pt packaging before going in service. 

Transfer leads to Two Working Fires

Feb 4, 2017 @ 0514hrs Eng 7-2 responded w/3 for a transfer to Co.2 while they operated on a House Fire. Shortly after responding Franklin advised of a lift assist in Co.5 area. Eng 7-2 responded and assisted and then went back enroute to the transfer. While at Co.2 the 2-01 box was struck for a vehicle fire. Eng 7-2 responded and arrived with a working vehicle fire. Crews extinguished the fire. While wrapping up from the car fire Washington Box 7-6 was struck for a house fire. Eng 7-2 & DC7 responded and arrived onscene and was directed to pull a back up line. Eng 7-2 crew did so and made entry into the house where they found a working attic fire. Crews located the attic access and made access with an attic ladder to extinguish the fire. Eng 7-2 was released shortly after being relieved from fire attack.Co.7 handled 2 other calls throughout the day.

2017 Car Show and Swap Meet

The FVFD will be hosting its first ever CAR SHOW & SWAP MEET on August 12, 2017! Registration Forms and Information can now be obtained on our website under the Fundraisers Tab, Facebook Event Page, or @ .


2017 Elected Fire Officers & Admin

Congratulations to the 2017 Fayetteville Fire Department elected officers!! The newly elected officers are as followed:

Fire Line

Fire Chief- Bill Wishard

Deputy Chief- Brady Bumbaugh

Assistant Chief- Cole Bumbaugh

Captain- Michael Loucks

Lieutenant- Kelby Farner

Sergeant-  Jeremy Whitmore


President- Mark Bumbaugh

Vice President- Curt Bumbaugh

Secretary- Vicki WIshard

Assistant Secretary: Becky Bumbaugh

Treasure: Ron Royer

Assistant Treasure: Curtis Bumbaugh

Trustee: Jacob McNew, Brian Rock

Members At Large: Jeremy Whitmore, Herb Hockenberry

Relief Board: Danny Thomas, Kelby Farner, Michael Loucks

Sergeant of Arms: Brian Rock

Chaplin: Ron Cordell

Reported House Fire in the First Due

Dec 20, 2016 – @ 1207hrs Co. 7 was alerted for a Reported House Fire at 1605 Fairview Ave bringing Eng 7-1, 7-2, & LT.7 w/8. LT.7 arrived find a 2 story dwelling and normal conditions. Continue reading

Fire at Perkins

Dec 17, 2016 – @2245hrs Co.7 was alerted to box 44-01 for an Appliance Fire in a Building bringing Eng 7-1 w/6 and Eng 7-2 w/2. Units arrived along with Sta.4 and found that the fire had already been extinguished by worker with a Fire Extinguisher. Command 44 held it to Sta.4 and Eng 7-1 for a short time to check for extension and to check the roof area.