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Auto Fire & Flooding

Feb 11, 2016 – Eng 7-1 w/3 and Squad  w/4 responded to 1730 LWE at Walmart for a possible Auto Fire. Eng 7-1 arrived and found 1 auto that had overheated and no injuries. Eng 7-1 placed the box in service. @0955hrs Eng 7-1 w/3 and Squad 7 w/2 responded to Black Gap Road for …

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MVA w/Possible Confinement

Feb 10, 2016 – @0848hrs Squad 7 w/4 and Eng 7-2 w/3 responded along with the Micu to 5200 Cumberland HWY for a MVA w/ possible confinement. Lt7 arrived and confirmed Negative confinement with 2 vehicles in the roadway. Lt.7 held it to the Squad for debris removal and the remainder was placed in service. …

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Box Alarm and Reported Entrapment

  Feb 9, 2016 – @1019hrs Eng 7-1 and Squad 7 responded to 306 Greenwood Ave for Smoke in a House, Box 5-04. Co.5 arrived and found a light haze of smoke on the basement division. Command 5 had everyone stage still it was confirmed a small electrical fire before releasing the box. @1829hrs just …

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Early Morning Fire Alarm

Feb 9, 2016 – @0622hrs Co.7 received a phone call to the station for a Fire Alarm on White Church Road. Eng 7-1 w/3 responded along with CCTRK53. Eng 7-1 arrived and found a faulty detector and placed the box in service.

5 Box Alarms, 7 Locals, 3 Medicals


  Feb 3, 2016 – @1305hrs Squad 7 responded to 7798 LWE for flooding. Squad 7 and DC 7 arrived and found about 1-2 inches of water in a commercial structure. Half of the crew worked with squeegees and mops to try and get most of the water out while the other worked on the …

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CO Alarm w/ Patients

Feb 2, 2016 – @0953hrs Squad 7 w/4 responded to 6932 Augusta National, Box 5-01 for a CO Alarm w/ Patients. Co.5 arrived and found everyone evacuated began investigating and EMS evaluated the patients. Squad 7 arrived and staged on-scene before being released by Command 5. Co.7 also handled a medical later at night.

Long weekend brings multiple runs and a Working Fire

  Jan 28, 2016 – @0840hrs Eng 7-2 w/4 responded to the area of 2071 Mount Pleasant Road for an Outside Investigation of smoke. Unit arrived in the area and found no smoke and placed the box in service. Jan 29, 2016 – @0730hrs Squad 7 w/4 responded for RIT to box 1-01 for a …

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